About us

1 RolunkYuppi is joy. Raise your hands and say out loud “Yuppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii”! You will see, you will smile even if you don’t want to – this is the secret ingredient of the  Yuppi Camps!

If a family member is diagnosed with a chronic illness, with no cure, the hall family will have to deal with the consequences, fear, depression,  loss  of the will. These feelings are even more intense when the patient is the child. An adult has difficulties in accepting a chronic illness and integrating it in his life, but for a child or adolescent it’s extremely hard, almost impossible without specialized support. He will be influenced by the attitude of his peers and will be  put in a category in which he will integrate only latter, in his adult life. He will only learn  that he’s sick and that he can’t do the things the other kids do, he knows  that he will have to make huge sacrifices during his entire  life.

Yuppi camp offers a secure physical and emotional environment in which, the participant children can forget their daily worries and can freely smile – and meanwhile they remember how is to be happy and smile without worries, they learn that the illness is just a “box”. To offer the HEALING SMILE –this is the purpose of the Yuppi Camps!

Yuppi Camping Motion Org. was created in 2011 to offer  free camps for the children and adolescents suffering from a chronic disease.

In this period we organize summer camps based on the experiential  therapy  and  therapeutic  recreation for the children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes (insulin-dependent). In the future, we wish to extend our camps for children with other chronic disease, such as cancer.

Our camps are planned, organized and coordinated by young, dedicated,  adult volunteers, over 20, which we call MATES. They are chosen carefully and trained intensively to offer high performance in their work during the camps. They all share enthusiasm, professionalism and the desire to play  because the camp itself is a big adventure.

In the last 3 years, 195 children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes participated in our camps, guided by other 195 volunteer which provided total safety for the participants. The volunteers are grouped in 3 categories: House mates, playmates and doc mates.

The method used in our camps is the experiential therapy and  the  therapeutic  recreation. Yuppi camp is the only Romanian organization which uses this psychological innovative therapy.

The objectives of the camp schedule is to raise the self-confidence of the children,  to develop a positive self-image and self-acceptance, from these resulting a deep emotional healing of the self , which, we believe, will influence greatly the physical healing of the children. This will also help the acceptance and integration of the disease and treatment in their lives.

For these reasons, our 8 days camps  are  full  with  adventures  and  challenges. The daily program is conceived   from   activities like climbing, hiking, horse-riding, rowing, archery, theater, photographing, music, handmade creation. In the evenings, the kids are part of new adventures like: helping Indiana Jones to  find   the  maps  to the treasure, to get ready for the Oscar galas, or to win back the fire from Olimp.

In all this time, the children are enlarging their perception of their own limits and, after a while, they realize that they don’t fear anymore new challenges, learning, listening, understanding,  feeling  or expressing  themselves, and the ability to ask and give support comes naturally  in this process.