Our story


The Bator Tabor Foundation  (The brave Camp) from Hungary organizes since 2001 summer camps for the kids suffering from cancer, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, diabetes and hemophilia.

In 2005, few dedicated volunteers from Transilvania joined them. When they returned home, they had the idea of creating a similar project in Romania, then already having the necessary knowledge and significant experience with children suffering from chronic disease of all ages.

In 2011 was organized the first Yuppi Camp as a result of the  high efforts made on a volunteer basis, and the outstanding  commitment of a small group of people. They took the responsibility for the first group of teens with diabetes, during the year they made all the necessary arrangements  regarding the camp and they also had key roles in the effective coordination of the camp.

Today, we receive yearly approx. 150 participants in 4 camps: camps for children with diabetes between 7-12 years, camps for teens with diabetes between 13-18 years, camps for children with cancer or juvenile arthritis between 10-18 years, and one family camp where the child is diagnosed with cancer, is between 0-9 years and comes to camps accompanied by his/ her parents and siblings.