Therapeutic recreation

Therapeutic recreation is used within the global union of camps: “Serious Fun Children’s Network”. In Hungary the union is represented by the foundation “Bátor Tábor”. This was the place where the organisers of Yuppi Camp got acquainted with the methodology.

The fundamental assumption of therapeutic recreation is the basic fact that we focus on the psychological and physical security of our campers with the support of many well-trained volunteers and a professional healthcare team. Such circumstances ensure the opportunity for our campers to cross their limits, discover inner resources and gain new experiences.

For a child with a chronic illness such kind of opportunities do not arise that often in everyday life. Truly challenging exercises often cannot be faced due to the lack of healthcare supervision, protective parents and ones’ one fear – all quite natural things!

Numerous challenges, new possibilities, interesting games “force” our campers try out exercises that they think are not able to accomplish. All these different activities are not assignments but playful exercises: exciting games combined with serious challenges.

Together with new friends, other children of the same age, with the same illness, accompanied by enthusiastic and friendly volunteers the pushing of ones’ psychological and psychical barriers comes easily.

The success of therapeutic recreation lies in the fact that the participants take part in activities which help them to discover their possibilities (not their limits) and improve their self-confidence and self-assessment. These inner resources offer support in the acceptance of ones’ own health situation, in the establishment of interpersonal connections, and in total contribute to stabilising the physical symptoms of the illness.

We believe that psychological healing is the fundament for empowerment on all levels.