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When the Body Fades Away, but the Soul Heals. The story of Julia.

I met Iulia in 2015, at the first Yuppi camp dedicated to teenagers with cancer or autoimmune or serious diseases. She had long blonde hair and big brown eyes.

’Mom, let me give myself the injection.’ The story of Matthew and the disease that never goes away.

How can you take care of your biggest dream? Helen and Francis tried for a baby for nine years.

Illnesses do not take vacations, but chronically ill children need to.

Dianne was just a two-month-old baby when she was diagnosed with leukaemia.

"The disease will be with us for life". Confession of a mother.

"I don't wish anyone the moment you find out your child has diabetes. It was an absolute shock. I was devastated, I felt like the sky had fallen on me.