Camp for children and teenagers with diabetes

☀️ Yuppi Camp is the place where illness is no obstacle. Here, the participants can forget about their daily worries caused by disease, smile freely, make friends and discover their strengths and emotional resources they did not know they had.
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At Yuppi camps, children participate in both indoor and outdoor activities, such as climbing, equestrianism, rowing, archery, handicraft, acting, and magic. Here, children participate in groups of 8-10 people. Each group will be accompanied by several so-called Elves (Yuppi volunteers), who contribute to the safety, comfort and joy of the children in the camps, by helping navigate camp life and playing with them.

When we compile the programs and activities, we aim to make sure that both smaller children and teenagers feel good at the camp, that the activities are appropriate for every age, and that everyone will have an unforgettable experience. All programs are optional, none of them are mandatory, but they are worth trying. The programs are conducted under the supervision of trained adult volunteers, following strict safety rules.

This year, the camp is intended for children with diabetes between ages 8 and 18.

Dear parents!

You must have experienced many times, what an important role and how much space the use of mobile phones and the Internet has gained in everyday life, and we are sure that you can see the disadvantages and challenges of this as well. The experiences of the past few years’ camps drew our attention to the fact that the current technology used in diabetes, in addition to its well-known advantages, unfortunately distracts the participants from the activities and interactions due to the fact that it requires the use of a mobile phone.

The main goal of our camp is to offer therapy through experiences, thus we try to constantly better the circumstances of the camps, so that children can be safe, but to also be able to really connect with each other.

Last year, in 2023, with joint work, we managed to implement a more uniform glucose monitoring, which allowed us to suspend the use of telephones during the camp. We used the Dexcom One continuous tissue glucose monitor (CGM), provided the sensor, transmitter and scanner for all participants of our camp, and thus we could exclude the use of phones, but at the same time we could constantly see their blood sugars, so all children were safe.

We have set the same goal for 2024, too, what is more, we will be even more efficient by further developing our experience from last year. The sensors are given to the participants when they arrive at the camp, and are applied by the camp doctors. Participants who have Smartguard programs or an integrated insulin pump with CGMS can keep their own sensor, but since in the latter case the blood sugars are visible on the insulin pump display, we would ask that they also come without a mobile phone.

Even so, if you would like to try the Dexcom one glucose monitor, the camp doctors will happily apply it. If the child has not used and does not wish to use a sensor during the camp, but would still like to participate, please contact us via e-mail or phone (, 0792744487).

For more information or in case of additional questions, please contact us!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Dr. Melinda Koródi, the association's chief physician

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18 - 22 August 2024

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