Get to know our ambassadors

Yuppi Camp Ambassadors are supporters of our cause, known in the community, who spread our message and help us in various ways: they come to camps to organise activities for children or parents, they join us in fundraising campaigns, they connect us with potential donors, they create promotional materials and even events for our benefit. We would like to thank them for being a part of our family!

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Bogdan Bob Radulescu

Actor and community activist

Bogdan Bob Rădulescu is a Yuppi Camp ambassador

Cristina Pîrv

world-renowned volleyball player

Cristina Pîrv is a Yuppi Camp abassador

Paul Mureșan

visual artist

Paul Mureșan is a Yuppi Camp ambassador

Mircea Popa

comedian, social media influencer

Mircea Popa is a Yuppi Camp ambassador

Tóth Szabolcs

comedian in the group Szomszédnéni Produkciós Iroda

Tóth Szabolcs is a Yuppi Camp ambassador