Support chronically and seriously illnesses children and join the Yuppi Camp family!

Offer chronically and seriously illnesses children a chance for a childhood without the worry of illness!

Donate 20%

Support Yuppi Camp with 20% of your profit tax, FREELY, reducing your tax owed to the state!


Team Buildings and Corporate Trainings

Initiate a team building or charitable corporate training, specially designed for your team's needs! Improve working relationships and develop your leadership skills with the help of our professionals, Yuppi style.

Corporate Charity Sport Events

Do good, do sport! Encourage a healthy and active lifestyle, and come with your team to support a charitable cause. See how you can organise a Yuppi-brand corporate sports event!

Corporate Family Events

Bring the families of your colleagues together and support a good cause through our corporate family events! Spend quality time together, while enjoying our fun, educational games and activities, designed for all ages.

Corporate Treasure Hunt

Come with us on a treasure hunt and support a good cause through an unforgettable adventure! Cultivate morale and team spirit with our treasure hunt games, where shared experiences bring us closer.

In-kind Donations

Do you have things you no longer use? Help us maintain the quality of our camps by donating items! To provide quality therapeutic experiences, we need special equipment, materials and supplies. See how you can help us!

Cause Related Marketing

Help in the long term while actively promoting your product or service! Through our cause related marketing campaigns, you can redirect a percentage of your earnings to certain products/ promotions for the seriously ill children of our camps.

For more information please contact us!

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Horváth Enikő

Coordinator - Corporate giving