Volunteering at Yuppi

For more than 12 years, play, joy, friendship and new experiences have been part of the life of Yuppi volunteers, the so-called Elves!

In these years, together with over 1750 children, more than 1450 enthusiastic Elves have drawn rainbows above the Yuppi camps!

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About volunteering at Yuppi

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The Yuppi Camp world is very colorful. We distinguish between two types of volunteering opportunities:

- volunteering in Yuppi camps;

- volunteering during the year.

The volunteers, whom we call Elves, come to us having different backgrounds and experiences. This diversity makes our teams in the camps and in the association so complex, thereby widening the range of volunteering roles.

The mid-year Elves get involved in the life of the organisation on a daily basis, they help the organisational work of the different departments, and thus gain behind the scenes insight: that is, they can experience what happens at Yuppi before the camps, how the different departments prepare for the summer camps.

Camp Elves are the volunteers with whose help we run the camps and camp programs. Camp Elves can be divided into three main categories: Cottage Elves, Playful Elves and Medical Elves. You can read more about the types of camp volunteers in the Roles menu item.

To become a Yuppi Elf, volunteers must go through a professional selection and training process, since we want to make sure that our Elves will be very well trained and dedicated to children. You can read more about the Yuppi training process in the Training section.

For registration, please visit the I want to become a volunteer section!

For more information about volunteering, please contact us by e-mail at volunteer@yuppicamp.ro!

For more information please contact us!

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Gyéresi Blanka

Coordinator - Volunteer Management